Reset Sitecore admin password and account

I recently managed to lock out my Sitecore local admin account when using the Sitecore PowerShell module. It did this without warning when the elevated privileges stopped working correctly.

Anyway from a few various sources I found some examples of how to reset the password. But what was required was to also to set IsLockedOut value.

If you ever find your account locked out, try running the following.


This is an uncommon issue and one that is easy to overlook if you’ve recently deployed Sitecore into production.

But you find that the persistant cookie “SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE” which Sitecore uses to track contacts across sessions in the xDB is missing. This causes a number of issues, but the main one being is that if a visitor returns to the website, a new contact is created as Sitecore cannot relate the two sessions using this unique visitor id.

Moving my blog from Jekyll to Hexo

For some time I have been meaning to begin blogging about my Sitecore and development experiences to share with the community.

Around a year ago i created a new blog using GitHub pages and Jekyll which was straight forward. I made a few posts but as it was a really simple and not attractive blog, I was never keen to share my posts or write new ones. The reason it was so simple was because there are limitations with Jekyll themes and plugins running on GitHub pages, which GitHub renders on the fly.