Starting my Sitecore blog

Hello Sitecore world!!!

Since i began my career as a Sitecore developer more than 9 years ago when i joined the first Sitecore UK Partner Eduserv, i always intended to create a blog about my experiences with Sitecore to help others in the community and also to document my development as a Sitecore developer. I’ve made notes, thought “I’ll write that up later” and made to many excuses about being “to busy”.

I’ve come a long way and in recent years focus on leading large teams of excellent Sitecore developers to deliver some great Sitecore solutions. I’m typically the Sitecore architect that is the interface between the business and the development team. Ensuring that solutions are delivered on time, to budget and more importantly delivering value for the business by developing a user centred solution.

Over the next few weeks I’ll write up some of my notes on topics that are still relevant today. Beyond this I’ll write up my ideas on how Sitecore customers can get value out of the Sitecore platform. Most of which will focus more on people and processes over technology, which Sitecore customers and the development community are already doing well!

Please do follow and contribute to this blog through comments on my blog posts.

Thanks! Adamsimsy.